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While crowns often represent royalty and fame, they aren’t considered as favorably when it comes to your teeth. However, just like the decorated crowns that are adorned on your head, dental crowns can also be a mark of restoration and beauty for your smile – especially if you are trying to recover from a damaged tooth.

If our dentists at Hollon Dental are suggesting a dental crown, don’t dread it or feel ashamed. Dental crowns can offer significant benefits towards the function, appearance and health of your smile. By choosing our office, we can even provide your restoration in a single visit.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a special cap that is placed on a damaged or decayed tooth. It covers all visible surfaces of the tooth and helps the tooth regain a natural appearance, comfortable function and optimal health. Without a crown, the tooth’s integrity may be too compromised to perform its duties without pain. A delayed or avoided crown can even result in tooth death and tooth loss.

Benefits of Modern Dental Crowns

At Hollon Dental, we proudly offer cosmetic dental crowns made of strong and life-like porcelain. Here are a few good reasons to welcome a dental crown instead of avoid the procedure:

Dental crowns can address a wide range of concerns.

These are issues that would otherwise cause pain, cosmetic issues or health threats throughout your mouth. Crowns can treat:

  • Chipped Teeth
  • Damaged Teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Teeth Gaps
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Dental Occlusion

Dental Crowns Look Natural.

Porcelain is a translucent white material that is considered the closest material to replicate your tooth’s natural enamel. Plus, it will be custom-fabricated in shape, size and form to blend seamlessly within your smile.

Dental Crowns Feel and Function Like Real Teeth.

Your crown will be sculpted to custom match your surrounding teeth but also measured to fit precisely within your natural bite. Chewing, biting and speaking should feel normal and comfortable with your new crown.

Dental Crowns are Quick, Painless and Convenient.

Getting a crown is a quick and straightforward procedure that can solve serious issues within a tooth. Using our CEREC advanced technology, Hollon Dental can deliver your custom crown in as little as 2 hours!

At Hollon Dental, we believe that your smile shouldn’t be anything less than royal. IF that means fixing a diseased or broken tooth with a dental crown, we can do it. Call our Mobile dental clinic today to learn more about our Same-Day Cerec Crowns.

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Our Patient Reviews

5.0 / 5.0
John R.

Friendly staff, Great hygienists, and awesome dentist. Highly recommend all around.

Larry D.

I always enjoy my visit! Everyone is friendly and accommodating. I especially enjoy my hygienist who is very entertaining while my teeth are being cleaned. I believe the low key approach by Dr Hollon fits me just right. More like talking to a friend than a doctor. Keep up the great work!

Anita D.

Dr Hollon is probably the best dentist I've ever been to. He was very attentive to my needs and as gentle as you can be when pulling a tooth. His staff was excellent in what they do and very friendly. I have found my new dentist!!

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