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Adhesive or dental bonding is a method of repairing or reshaping teeth using dental resin materials. Teeth bonding is most commonly used for minor repairs to chipped teeth or to cosmetically change the appearance of a patient’s smile. At Hollon Dental, we offer teeth bonding as one of the options for tooth repairs and general dentistry at our clinic in Mobile, AL.

Chipped teeth are usually not painful, but they can pose an aesthetic concern and present a risk for other dental problems. The missing enamel can expose the softer dentin of the tooth that is more susceptible to tooth decay. Teeth bonding is a quick way to repair chipped teeth and restore the protection and appearance of the tooth. The process is quick – the surface of the tooth is prepared by etching the surface and applying a conditioning liquid to allow for easier bonding adhesion. A composite resin is applied to the chip or crack and molded into the desired shape. A special light is used to cure and harden the resin, then the surface is polished to make it smooth. The entire process takes less than an hour in most cases.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Not all teeth bonding treatments are for repairs. Cosmetic dental bonding is an affordable and quick option for changing the shape or appearance of teeth. Cosmetic dental bonding uses composite resin that is color-matched to the tooth to create the desired appearance. Many of the same cosmetic alterations can be made as porcelain veneers for improving the look of your smile. Some of the cosmetic changes that can be accomplished with cosmetic dental bonding include:

  • Closing gaps between the teeth
  • Hiding discolorations or stains
  • Extending the length or width of teeth
  • Creating even teeth

Teeth bonding is one of the many dental treatments we offer at Hollon Dental to repair or correct tooth issues. Whether you want to repair a cracked or chipped tooth, or you want to fix aesthetic tooth issues, dental bonding may be a solution. To learn more about teeth bonding, contact us at our office in Mobile, AL, and schedule an appointment.

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Our Patient Reviews

5.0 / 5.0
John R.

Friendly staff, Great hygienists, and awesome dentist. Highly recommend all around.

Larry D.

I always enjoy my visit! Everyone is friendly and accommodating. I especially enjoy my hygienist who is very entertaining while my teeth are being cleaned. I believe the low key approach by Dr Hollon fits me just right. More like talking to a friend than a doctor. Keep up the great work!

Anita D.

Dr Hollon is probably the best dentist I've ever been to. He was very attentive to my needs and as gentle as you can be when pulling a tooth. His staff was excellent in what they do and very friendly. I have found my new dentist!!

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