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When you have one or two missing teeth, it can impact the function and appearance of your smile. You may feel self-conscious in social situations and the gaps in your smile can make it harder to maintain a healthy smile. One restorative dentistry option for replacing missing teeth are dental bridges. These prosthetic teeth can fill those gaps in your smile and give you back your confidence. At Hollon Dental, we offer beautiful dental bridges that can restore your smile at our dental center in Mobile, AL.

A dental bridge uses pontics, which are prosthetic teeth, to replace the missing teeth. The pontics are attached to the surrounding teeth with bridgework to hold them in place. To create a traditional dental bridge, the teeth on either side of missing teeth are fitted for dental crowns. The prosthetic tooth or teeth are attached to the dental crowns. Once the crowns are bonded to the teeth, they support the pontics that fill in the gap in your smile.

Replace Missing Teeth

One or more missing teeth can be frustrating and even embarrassing. Your smile looks different, and you may have other problems. Missing front teeth can impact your speech, and the loss of chewing teeth can make it hard to chew the food you love. Dental bridges offer a solution to replace missing teeth for a better appearance and to restore tooth function.

Dental bridges are a great option for those who are not good candidates for dental implants. If you have bone loss or implants are beyond your budget, dental bridges can still give you a wonderful, fixed option for replacing one or more teeth without dentures. There are different configurations available. At Hollon Dental, we offer CEREC same day dental crowns and bridges, so we can give you back your complete smile in one visit.

You deserve to have a complete, beautiful smile. Dental bridges can replace your missing teeth with gorgeous prosthetic teeth and dental crowns. Contact us at Hollon Dental in Mobile, AL, to schedule your tooth restoration consultation, and learn more about dental bridges and other tooth restoration options.

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Our Patient Reviews

5.0 / 5.0
John R.

Friendly staff, Great hygienists, and awesome dentist. Highly recommend all around.

Larry D.

I always enjoy my visit! Everyone is friendly and accommodating. I especially enjoy my hygienist who is very entertaining while my teeth are being cleaned. I believe the low key approach by Dr Hollon fits me just right. More like talking to a friend than a doctor. Keep up the great work!

Anita D.

Dr Hollon is probably the best dentist I've ever been to. He was very attentive to my needs and as gentle as you can be when pulling a tooth. His staff was excellent in what they do and very friendly. I have found my new dentist!!

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